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Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Professional Registry

Last Updated: 24 Aug 2017
I.   Objectives
  • With the latest revisions to the Code of Practice  on Surface Water Drainage (with effect from 1 Jun 2013),  developers/owners shall engage an ABC Waters Professional to design, oversee the construction of, and develop a maintenance plan for the ABC Waters design features. The design and design calculations for these features, endorsed by the ABC Waters Professional, shall be submitted to PUB as part of DC submission.                
  • A 6 months grace period from 1 Jun 2013 will be imposed by PUB on the new requirement to engage ABC Waters Professionals.
  • If applicable, developers/owners shall also, on a yearly basis, submit a Certificate of Inspection on ABC Waters design features, endorsed by an ABC Waters Professional. The Certificate of Inspection shall contain declaration that the features have been inspected, and are maintained satisfactorily and functioning well.
  • The ABC Waters Professional Registry aims to establish a list of qualified ABC Waters Professionals in the industry.
  • The Registry also aims to enable the industry to recognize the quality design work carried out by ABC Waters Professionals who have successfully completed the accredited 4 core modules and 2 elective modules under the ABC Waters Professional Programme, for design, construction and maintenance of ABC Waters design features in Singapore. This will inspire the industry to improve the level of professional knowledge in ABC Waters design in time to come.
  • The Registry will also assist the ABC Waters Professionals towards achieving better quality and standards of ABC Waters design through continuous education and training,increasing their competitiveness in the Singapore market as well as within the region.
II.   Criteria For New Registration of  ABC Waters Professionals

        A new applicant for registration as an ABC Waters Professional must satisfy the
          a)   Possess engineering/architectural/landscape architectural degree from  
                universities recognized by Professional Engineer Board (
PEB), Board of
                Architect (
BOA), Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) or Singapore
                Institute of Landscape Architects (

          b)   Be a Member of
                   -    The Institution of Engineers Singapore (
IES) (click here and here) or
                   -    Singapore Institute of Architects (
SIA). (click here) or
                   -    Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (
SILA) (click here)

          c)   Be a Professional Engineer(Civil) registered with Professional Engineers
                Board Singapore (click
here)  or  an Architect registered with Board of
                Architects (BOA)
(click here)  or an Accredited Landscape Architect
                registered with the Landscape Architects Accreditation Office (as applicable)

          d)   Successful completion of  4 core modules and 2 elective modules under the
                 ABC Waters Professional Programme (not more than 2 years from last
                 module taken)
           Any waiver to the above requirements must be approved by the ABC Waters    
           Professional Monitoring Committee.


III.   New Application Process

         Professional Engineers/ Architects/ Landscape architects completed 4 cores
         and 2 electives ABC Waters modules who are interested in registering as ABC
         Waters Professionals must submit their application for registration within 2 years
         from the day they have completed the last module.

           For new applicants, please submit the completed
New Application Form
here) and attach the following supporting documents:
           a)  A copy of Membership Certificate;

           b)  A copy of a valid Practicing Certificate issued under the Professional
                Engineers Board for IES member, A copy of valid Practicing Certificate
                issued under the Board of Architect for SIA member, or Full member
                certificate issued under SILA for SILA member, respectively; 
           c)  Certificate  of completion of 4 core modules and 2 elective modules under
                the ABC Waters Professional Programme.
           d)  A copy of a minimum academic qualification of degree in
                  -  Civil Engineering 
                  -   Architecture or
                  -  Landscape Architecture
           e)  Total fee of $ 321.00 (including GST) comprising:
                  -  Application fee  (non-refundable) * $100 (subject to GST) and
                  -  Annual Subscription fee  $100 (subject to GST). 2 years - $214.00

Cheque shall be made payable to:
"Engineers Singapore Pte Ltd", "Singapore Institute of Architects" or "Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects" , as applicable
         Note:  PEs who are IES members can submit their application with the
                   Application Form
(click here) and supporting documents to
                   The Institution of Engineers Singapore
                   70 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore 289758
                   Attn: ABC Waters Professional Registry


IV.   Renewal Application

With effect from 1st October 2016, renewal period will be changed from yearly to once every 2 years 

          For renewal registrations as an ABC Waters Professional, applicants  shall
          satisfy the following:
          a)  Be a member of IES or Singapore Institute of Architects or SILA

          b)  Be a Professional Engineer who is registered under the  Professional

               Engineers Board Singapore or a Professional Architect (as applicable) or a
               full member of SILA (as applicable);

          c)  Has a valid Practicing Certificate in his/her own profession (as

          d)  Attain 12 PDU (ABC) for renewal submitted on and after 1 October 2017. 
               A concession is given to ABC WPs who renew their certfiicate by end
               September 2017, only 6 PDU(ABC) is required and certification validity of
               2 years will be granted.

          e) Payment of subscription fee of $214.00 (included GST) for 2 years validity.

Cheque shall be made payable to:
Engineers Singapore Pte Ltd’, ‘Singapore Institute of Architects’ or ‘Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects’, as applicable.
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