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Short Course on Design Of Maritime Structures (16, 23 & 30 January 2007)

 Date : 16 Jan 2007 to 30 Jan 2007  
 Time : 9 am - 5.30 pm  
 Duration : 3 Days  
 Venue : IES Academy  
 CPD Programme : 21 PDUs  
 Organiser : Civil & Structural Engineering Technical Committee  
 Coordinator : IESA  
 Discounted Fees : $ N/A  (Member)
$ N/A  (Non-Member)
 Fees : $ 690.00  (Member)
$ 850.00  (Non-Member)
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Member Rate is applicable to IStructE Members.
Course dates : 16, 23 & 30 Jan 2007
Inclusive of 5% GST, course materials, light refreshments.
5% discount for application received 2 weeks before the commencing date OR companies that send 3 or more participants.

This course intended to introduce the general principles and considerations involved in the design of maritime structures especially the environmental and design loadings on the structures.  The trainer will introduce the various types of jetty layouts, including breasting and mooring dolphins.  In addition, design of the above structures will be taught in detail with actual examples.   Fender design is one of the key factors in docking (or berthing) of the ship and forming an important loading to the jetties and dolphins.  The function and terminology used in maritime structures will also be explained.

The course also includes the computation of wave forces on piles and seawalls, and design of breakwaters and groins.

A complete design calculation of as-built Maritime Facilities consists of a Jetty (Loading Platform), two Breasting Dolphins and a pair of Mooring Dolphins for berthing of different sizes of oil tankers will be included the course.


Engineers, designers and contractors.


•    Introduction of Port and Maritime Structures 
•    Environmental and Design Forces on Maritime Structures

Introduction to various types of maritime structures, function, terminology and environment. General design considerations: criteria, requirements, site selection and layout. Impacts of maritime structures on environment.  Design forces on maritime structures : Wind, current, wave, docking force, mooring line force, earthquake (if applicable) in additional to the dead, superimposed and live loads.

•    A Typical Jetty Layout Plan
•    Fender Design
•    Breasting Dolphin Design

Introduction of various types of maritime structures consist of jetty (loading platform), breasting
and mooring dolphins.  Selection and design of rubber fenders.  Breasting Dolphin : Selection, functions, loadings and design.

•    Mooring Line Forces
•    Mooring Dolphin Design

Mooring line patterns for securing ships.  Computation of mooring line forces.  Mooring Dolphin : Selection, functions, loadings and design.

•    Forces on Jetty (Loading Platform)
•    Jetty (Loading Platform) Design

Jetty (loading platform) :  General consideration, selection, functions, loadings and design.

•    Wave Forces on Piles, Seawalls and Breakwater Design
Computation of wave forces on piles and seawalls.  Breakwaters : Types, selection and design.

•    A complete design calculation of an as-built Maritime Facilities consists of a Jetty (Loading Platform), two Breasting Dolphins and a pair of Mooring Dolphins for berthing of different sizes of oil tankers.


Er. Ang Chee  Keong
Er. Ang. is a former Associate Professor in the School of Civil and Structural Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore for 16 years. He received his BSc from National Taiwan University and MSc from New York University 1970.  Prior to joining NTU in 1983, he was working for several international reputable consulting firms in New York for 14 years.  He is the Principle of Ang Chee Keong & Associates, a Civil, Structural and Marine Engineering Consulting Firm, founded in 1999.

Er. Ang is a Professional Engineer (Singapore and New York) and Accredited Checker in Singapore.  He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Singapore as well as the American Society of Civil Engineers; he is also a Member of American Concrete Institute and Singapore Steel Structural Society. 

During the past 21 years, Er. Ang had provided consultancy services to Statutory Boards, Consulting firms and construction companies.  He also carried out Accredited Checker work for high-rise buildings, The Esplanade and Maritime Facilities.

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